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How's your  turbocharger  working ?

The following THREE points help you understand.

1.The turbocharger is mainly composed of several parts:

Housings:  Turbine Housing also Exhaust Housing, Compressor Impeller Housing, Bearing Housing ( inside are the lubricating oil passages and bearings, responsible for heat dissipation and reducing friction)

Rotor Assembly:  Including the turbine and the impeller. The exhaust gas drives the turbine to generate power, and the turbine drives the impeller to compress the air.

Sealing Ring:  Sealing parts


It works when the engine not needs to much more power, prevent the components from being damaged due to excessive pressure.

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2.The principle of turbocharger

The exhaust gas enters the turbine housing through the exhaust manifold to push the turbine to rotate. Because the turbine and the impeller are coaxial, the impeller in the other side of the housing also rotates with the turbine. The impeller compresses the air and sends the high-density compressed air into the combustion chambe and participate in burning. The whole process does not take power from the engine, and uses the exhaust gas generated by the engine work to push, almost no extra load on the engine.

3.How turbocharging boosts engine power

Engine combustion requires fuel and air. The turbocharger increases the density of the intake air. Under the same volume, the increase in air mass makes more oxygen, so the combustion will be more sufficient, which increases power and saves fuel to a certain extent.

However, this part of the efficiency improvement is not the main reason for the substantial increase in the power of the turbocharged engine relative to the naturally aspirated engine under the same displacement.

Turbocharging mainly increases the intake air volume significantly, breaking the limit of the intake air volume of the naturally aspirated engine, so more fuel can be introduced to participate in the combustion under the same displacement, and more fuel can be ignited per unit time. Brings a substantial increase in power.

Hope after your reading this article, help you understand how your turbochargerd car works generally, not a layman any more.

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